EProgress Learner Management System

ILR Software

EProgress has several modules that make up the entire cloud based LMS system, which supports the ESFA ILR software requirements. The following list of functionality makes up the core of the system.

Learner Data Entry

All of the ILR information required by the ESFA as well as comprehensive learner, programme and aim data are entered and maintained within the Data Entry system. The system has been designed with ease of use at its heart. As the system is web based it is intuitive by its very nature.

Learner Reviews and Actions

To ensure that Training Providers are able to meet ESFA requirements on Reviews with Learners there is a comprehensive reporting and monitoring system built into EProgress to ensure that reviews and other learner actions are handled in a timely fashion. Assessors can also have access to EProgress to review and maintain learner reviews and actions according to how you want to work.

Frameworks and Qualifications

We understand the need to keep things simple when entering learning information, with this in mind we have built EProgress around the concept of the learning framework, i.e. all of the qualifications that are required to fulfil a framework are in one place and easy to apply to the learner's dataset. OFQUAL qualification information is used to populate EProgress for all of the frameworks that a training provider is delivering.

ILR XML Export

The XML export of the ILR information produces a zipped file ready for you to download locally and upload directly to The Hub or to run through FIS.

Multi-user, Multi-site, User Administration

As EProgress is web based Training Management Software it can be used across several sites by differing types of users. User administration means that you can decide on the level of access a user needs from read-only reporting through to system administration level access meaning that qualifications and frameworks can be setup.

Operational Reporting

All of the necessary reports to run a training provision business are built into EProgress as standard. So showing period starts, in-learning and achiever reports, for example, are just a couple of clicks away. All reports can be exported to PDF or Microsoft compatible file types such as Excel. There is also the facility within all reports to define a listing of required information from pre-determined DataSets which allows you to produce data rich spreadsheets in no time at all.

OFSTED Success Reports

OFSTED Overall and Timely reporting is a cornerstone of EProgress reporting. There is also Potential Success reporting which is produced based on the selected cohort year that you are interested in. All of these reports can be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis.

Destination and Progression Reporting

Tracking what has happened to learners after they have finished with a Training Provider is a vital requirement. It is possible with EProgress to stipulate positive and negative destinations and progressions and then to easily report against these.


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