EProgress Learner Management System Modules

The additional modules that make up the core of the EProgress LMS are:-

  • EPortfolio
  • Dashboard MI
  • Empress CRM
  • IQA
  • Audit
  • Timesheet

The other modules can be added as required.

Learner EPortfolio

Assessors and learners can have access to EProgress to store all of the learner's work as part of their learning journey. This means that the assessor can track the uploaded work at element level within a qualification unit. Learners can be asked to electronically sign and acknowledge key documents. Our approach here is quite unique to keep costs low, please ask us about this if interested in a cost effective EPortfolio solution.

OneFile and Smart Assessor interface

If you have already invested in another EPortfolio provider, we have interfaces to both OneFile and Smart Assessor which means you only have to enter the learner information into EProgress and it is seamlessly passed across to the other product provider.

Dashboard MI

Management Information is about staying informed without having to produce complex reports which you then have to piece together. Our MI is provided in an informative and easy to use manner that is pitched to give you what you really need. It is this requirement that drives our ongoing Dashboard MI offering.

Empress CRM

All Employer information is held in our Empress CRM product, this links directly with EProgress. Employer Health and Safety reviews and Insurance reviews can be managed within this module. Employers can have access to this product so as they can review their learner's progress with you, this boosts the employer's engagement with you as a training provider. There is also an additional Campaigns module within Empress CRM which can be added if you wish to run targeted email or call campaigns with exisiting or potential employers.

Internal Quality Assurance

The IQA system which can be provided within EProgress is used to carry out management portfolio checks, sample units and document checks on the work carried out by the learner's assessor.


The Audit module is used to ensure that all of the relevant checks are carried out when required and a process put in place to ensure that any information that is missing is captured and updated in a timely and managed manner.


Classroom attendance and course lateness can be monitored and reported against with this additional module.


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